I Put Words on the Internet

I have always been that kid. You know who I’m talking about. Every class had at least one of us. We were the kid who asked to write papers, do research projects, and reminded teachers about tests and due dates. We were rarely popular but that didn’t matter to us…much.  I loved being that kid.

I loved being that kid so much that I went and made it my job.

Hi! I’m Erin Steiner. I’m a freelance writer and blogger. It’s nice to meet you!

Even as a little kid, I loved learning. I’d pick up a subject and, like a puppy with a new toy, I’d shake shake shake that subject until everything there was to learn about it fell out. From astronomy to running a business to childcare to cheerleading (true story), if something piqued my interest you can bet I’d be reading about it until I’d read every book about it that I could get my hands on…yes, even cheerleading. And then? I’d tell everybody I knew about everything I had learned. At length. In detail. Without waiting to be asked.

I’m sure I was delightful.

As an adult, I’ve figured out how to take that love of learning and sharing knowledge and turn it into content that helps others.

It could even help you!

As a blogger, I cover the national politics and policy beat on Twitter. A policy-wonk since 14, I want to make sure people know how the government actually works. I’m passionate about taking the minutiae of public policy and turning it into entertaining and easily digestible content for non-wonks.

As a freelance writer, my primary niches are personal finance, marketing, business, entertainment, and all things geek. I specialize in taking complex subjects and creating content that educates and entertains that doesn’t condescend to the reader.

Want an example? You can view a few samples of my work here.

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